Acidity (pH).

The optical pH sensor was recently introduced as a prototype. It is a very versatile instrument based on a ratiometric optical measurement.

Due to the design, the sensor is insensitive to drift and there is little or no influence of ionic strength and temperature. This makes it possible to apply in solutions with a low conductivity and measure the acidity in soil and substrates. Because the sensor does not contain glass, it is easy to use in production processes and maintenance is limited.

Advantages of the acidity sensor


Measuring range
3.5 – 8.0
Supply Voltage
through USB-port (5V, <200 mA)
Dimensions (l*b*h in mm)
169 * 62 * 25
Weight (g)
Protection class
Battery Lifetime
48h at 5 sec interval – 3 weeks at 5 minutes