Algae sensor.

The algaesensor provides insight into the amount of algae in water flows and sources. The sensor closely monitors the development of algae. Algae are a source of organic matter and the cause of bacterial growth and the development of unfavorable oxygen situations and pollution in pipes. 

With the measurement data from the sensor, you have tools at your disposal to intervene faster and more efficiently when water quality is affected by algae. 

Benefits of the algae sensor


Measuring range
0-0.4 mg/g
Temperature range
± 5 to 45 °C
± 0.004 mg/l
Drift / Stability (operating frequency 0.1 Hz)
≤ 0.1 % per month
Measurement time
≤ 2 sec
Handheld: USB serial interface
Digital: USB serial interface
Digital: USB serial interface
Analog: USB serial interface
4 – 20 mA output (4 wires)
12 – 24 V AC/DC
Output signal
USB serial interface port
Dimensions (l*w*h in mm)
169 * 62 * 25
Weight (g)
Housing material
Aluminium, with ABS covers
Electrical connections
Handbediend: 1 x M5 4-polig mannelijk
Digital: 2 x M5 4-Pole Male
Analog: 1 x M5 4-pin male, 1 x M5 4-pin female
protective glass
Power supply
Manual/digital: USB port (5V, < 200 mA)
Analog:12-24 V
Battery Life
4 hours at 5 sec interval – 2 weeks at 60 sec


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