Oxygen (incl. temperature measurement).

The FluoMini Pro - optical O2│T sensor is based on the principle of fluorescence intensity. The sensitive coating on the top of the optrode contains two active components, one to measure temperature and one to measure oxygen.

The temperature compensation of the oxygen measurement is thus fully integrated in the same coating. The advantage of this is that the sensor does not suffer from response time differences and can therefore be used well in rapidly changing environments. During the measurement, the coating does not consume oxygen, so this technology can also be used in closed, non-agitated environments.

Advantages of the oxygen sensor


Measuring range
0 to 40% Vol.
Temperature range
5 to 45 °C
Supply Voltage
through USB-port (5V, <200 mA)
Dimensions (l*b*h in mm)
169 * 62 * 25
Weight (g)
Protection class
Battery Lifetime
48h at 5 sec interval – 3 weeks at 5 minutes