Seed sector.

Seed companies are constantly looking for better genetics, for new strains with unique or improved anti-stress properties. It is also very important for seed companies what the seed quality is and the storability. Sendot supplies sensors to be better equipped in this quest.



Sendot supports the seed sector in terms of selecting and selling the right (quality) seeds.

For example, seed aging is an important parameter during storage. It is essential to understand the rate at which the seed ages as a result of oxidation.

To ensure that the optimal seed goes to the buyers at the right time, many companies use, many seed companies use the following Sendot sensors:


How it works

Sensor installation

Data interpretation

Making adjustments


“CF measurements for optimal harvesting time and storage strategy”

The quality of seed depends on the optimal harvest moment and storage conditions. Seed chlorophyll is one of the factors determining seed storage. High seed chlorophyll (unripe seed) can mean that the seed cannot be stored for long periods.


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