Photosynthesis (incl. PAR measurement).

With the photosynthesis sensor you can determine the photosynthetic activity of your plant. By attaching a blade clip to a blade, you can easily take measurements with our innovative handheld meter. The sensor is equipped with a logger function, which allows the sensor to monitor data in the field for several weeks.

The photosynthesis sensor comes with a combined PAR measurement. This measures the light at which the plant grows best, in other words where photosynthesis is highest. 

Advantages of the photosynthesis sensor


Measuring range
10 – 90%
PAR range
0 – 2000 mmol/m2s
Temperature range
5 to 45 °C
Supply Voltage
through USB-port (5V, <200 mA)
Dimensions (l*b*h in mm)
169 * 62 * 25
Weight (g)
Protection class
Battery Lifetime
48h at 5 sec interval – 3 weeks at 5 minutes