Data interpretation and advice.

Making decisions based on rules of thumb, intuition and guesswork is a thing of the past. Our sensors provide you with accurate, reliable data to enable you to make informed choices. To get maximum results from digitisation, a good understanding of the data is essential. 

Data interpretation

We help all our partners get started. The Sendot sensors can be used optimally thanks to understandable manuals, telephone instruction or personal training. We also provide insight into how other entrepreneurs have created added value with the sensors.


Independent advice

For independent feedback and experiences, we offer the opportunity to connect directly with professional advisors.



How to use our sensors in practice

Malate dip in phalaenopsis cultivation

In phalaenopsis cultivation, CO2 stored during the night is an important factor in determining light exposure the next day. If the CO2 is depleted before the end of the light period then the plant will experience strong exposure as stress, which is then manifested in very low photosynthesis. You can easily gain insight into this effect with the photosynthesis sensor.

Measuring oxygen in the root environment

The root environment is critical to plant growth and plant resilience. The water and nutrient dosage should be optimally matched to the needs of the plant. With our oxygen sensor, you can easily monitor the oxygen level over time.


“New insights to optimise growth conditions.”

Richard Enthoven, cultivation manager at Duijvestijn Tomaten in Pijnacker is gaining experience with new sensors for the second year. In addition to the usual measuring boxes and mat sensors, data are collected using a photosynthesis efficiency sensor, an oxygen meter and a Ph meter in the mat. 

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