Monitor sensor data anywhere in the world with the SenBox!

senbox interfacae

Monitoring sensor data anywhere in the world, that is possible with the SenBox that Sendot is introducing. SenBox is the sensor data platform with which important cultivation measurements can be followed in real time anywhere in the world. “This gives you the opportunity to gain insight faster with the data that you measure with the Sendot sensors and to ensure that you can make the right choices,” according to the company.

Sendot has developed optical sensors with which oxygen, pH, temperature and photosynthesis efficiency can be measured in a unique way. “Via field sensors you can see exactly what the current situation is in the measured application. For many users, monitoring over a longer period of time is a necessity. This can easily be done through the log function of our sensors, but with an extension of the field sensors with a SenBox you can now also follow the log results anywhere in the world via mobile phone, tablet or PC.”

You can connect to the internet through the SenBox, which is linked to the sensors. There are various options for this. The SenBox can communicate with the (internal) network of the organization via Wi-Fi or via a UTP cable. But there is also the possibility via a 4G modem / data bundle to follow measurements directly through the internet. This ensures that you can use the SenBox in such a way that it is in line with the strategy of the organization. Via a secure customer portal you can follow sensor data and the associated trend graphs and export data.

The insights you get with this, ensure that growers can respond better to situations that occur at that time.

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