In practise

Maarel Orchids optimizes cultivation and reduces costs with photosynthesis sensor

The mobile FluoMini photosynthesis sensor provides Maarel Orchids with new insights to optimize their cultivation. Cultivation Manager Johan Langelaan uses the sensors actively and achieves better results at lower costs. He is very enthusiastic about the added value of his new tools.  

Addes value

Working with data is a daily routine for Langelaan. The photosynthesis sensors that recently are put into use, create new data. In combination with the already collected climate and production data, this provides new insights and possibilities for optimizing the cultivation strategy. 

“The photosynthesis sensor continuously measures the amount of chlorophyll fluorescence and the PAR light on the leaves,” explains the cultivation manager. “These indicators show how efficiently the plant uses the available light for photosynthesis. Until recently, we had no real-time information about this. Now that we do, we can also determine the relationship between other variables and photosynthesis efficiency. Consider, for example, plant temperature, temperature in the greenhouse, relative humidity, moisture deficit, screening and PAR light. By playing around with those parameters, improvement possibilities are quickly identified. 

The first findings

Langelaan monitored photosynthesis in two orchid varieties for several weeks. He compared the measurements with other collected data. “Those few weeks of measuring and analysing have already provided many leads for optimization,” he says enthusiastically. “The growing conditions have a lot of influence on the light efficiency. In the coming weeks we willinstall more photosynthesis sensors to be able to track all cultivation phases. I think it is important to monitor the entire process, because each phase has its own optimum and requires different setpoints. In depth measurements generate opportunities for better plant growth and more quality. This provides higher yields at lower costs. We already have the first 'quick wins'. 

Fluomini photosynthesis sensor

Maarel Orchids uses the FluoMini photosynthesis sensor from Sendot Research. This sensor has been developed and tested in collaboration with knowledge partner Plant Lighting and cultivation advisor Bonte de Jong of FytoConsult. The photosynthesis sensor gives growers the opportunity to accurately monitor the light utilization by plants and to detect stress situations at an early stage. This allows them to correct growing conditions in the desired direction more quickly and maximize crop performance. 


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