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Chlorophyll Fluorescence sensor for optimal seed harvesting and storage strategies

The quality of seed depends on the optimal harvest moment and storage conditions. Seed chlorophyll is one of the factors determining seed storage. High seed chlorophyll (unripe seed) can mean that the seed cannot be stored for long periods.

The seed chlorophyll can be measured with highly sensitive Sendot chlorophyll sensors, which are suitable for field applications to determine the optimal moment for harvesting the seed.

The graph shows the chlorophyll fluorescence (CF) of five different spinach batches, analyzed with a CF-Seed sensor. The sensor indicates a variation in the CF per spinach batch. Batch five has the hig-hest CF level, batch one the lowest. This indicates that batch five is less suited for long term storage. With the CF sensor, seed companies are able to determine the optimal harvest and storage strate-gy of their seeds, resulting in better seed quality, satisfied customers and higher profits


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