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Sendot Research at IPM Essen

Sendot Research has started the introduction of its sensors in the agriculture sector. Applications of Sendot sensors can be found in crop monitoring. This became more and more clear because the Oxygen and Chlorophyll Fluorescence sensors were the centre of attention. Sendot has also started the promotion of its Fluomini-Portable series. The Sensor has an on-board computer to log and provides mobility to monitor O2 or CF on site or throughout the system. Sendot had the pleasure to meet customers from The Netherlands, South Africa, Israel, China and Germany.

Sendot Research at Horticontact 2017

Sendot Research visited the Horticontact fair for the first time. The Oxygen and Chlorophyll sensors received wide attention from tomato, cucumber, pepper and ornamentals growers and seed producers. Sendot also, revealed its Portable Oxygen sensor for monitoring and one-site measurement.  

Sendot Research at Aqua Nederland Vakbeurs 2017

Sendot Research visited the Aqua Nederland Vakbeurs fair for the first time. The fair was excellent opportunity to explore the water market and to introduce the new FluoMiniPRO. The sensor appealed especially interesting to water purification and research and development companies.

Sendot Research Launches the FluoMini Pro

Its finally here! Sendot Reseach is proud to announce the launch of the FluoMini Pro. Measuring oxygen accurately and cost effectively is a well-known challenge. The FluoMini Pro aims to fill this gap by fusing low-cost electronics, easy to operate interface and accurate opto-chemical coatings.

The sensor can be modified for invasive and non-invasive applications and can be operated via desktop software or built in interface. For more information feel free to download our brochure or contact us directly.

MicroLan expands its BactControl sales

MicroLAN has deployed several BactControls with Sendot FluoMini fluorescent detection technology inside. The instrument is also used in a number of EU projects like Aquavalens and Aquanes. Read more.

Sendot in the spotlight!

Sendot is pleased to announce it has participated in articles of the popular agricultural magazines Onder Glas and Groente en Fruit. Sendot contributed by emphasizing the importance of oxygen optimization in rockwoll and the development of its chlorophyll fluorescence sensors.

If your interested to read more feel free to read the August edition of Onder Glas p. 34/35 and page 28/29 of Groente en Fruit.

Sendot is the spotlight!

Sendot is pleased to announce it was interviewed by the online magazine Hortinext. Sendots’ CTO and Business Manager - Arie Draaijer, had outlined the upcoming developments and day tot day challenges. One of the main highlights was the development of an analoge port which permits Sendots’ sensors to communicate with a computer system. This development brings the innovative opto-chemical sensors a step closer to low-cost process optimisation in the Agricultural sector. Read more.  

Sendot is pleased to announce it has engaged a partnership with one of the most innovative horticulture distributors in the world. Royal Brinkman and Sendot have solidified their partnership by distributing opto-chemical oxygen sensors to enhance the water strategies of growers world wide.

The distributor is convinced of the their new strategy: “We believe that sensors in agriculture is the way forward” says Henry Janssen, CPO of Royal Brinkman.

2018 will be especially interesting as new water purification and pesticide laws have forced growers to be more aware of their water strategies, management and usage.

Read more (NLD)

Sendot Research engages a partnership with Royal Brinkman

Sendot Research visits -

Analytica 2018 München

Sendot was at Analytica 2018! We took our first steps in the laboratory market. The Analytica exhibition was experienced as a good representation of the laboratory market. The fair hosted a range of companies, from large companies to SME’s such as us. We we’re glad to have experienced a broad interest from customers and distributors in our technology. We also had the pleasure to interact with new distributors from around the globe and we look forward to expand our operations in the coming months.

For the second time in Sendots young history we visited the fair. It was quite interesting to see how we have grown in the market. We had the pleasure to meet new contacts and simultaneously maintain current relationships.

This year was especially fruitful as representatives of our Partner, Royal Brinkman, managed to attract additional attention. We would like to thank our partner for this effort. We look forward to participate in the 2019 edition!

Sendot was at Horticontact 2018