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FluoMini Temperature Sensors

FluoMini Temperature Sensor

Technical Specifications

Measuring range        



Response time (T90)  

Drift / Stability          

Sample time              


Coating life time     (excluding effects of chemical incompatibility)

The FluoMini optical temperature sensor measures temperature by applying a fluorescent temperature coating on an object and measurings contact-free or via a probe. The coating is “read” by aiming the probe towards the coating. The maximum distance to the coating should be 5-10 cm.

An advantage of this system is that the coating does not suffer from photobleaching and can last years (excluding chemical incompatibility). Also, the sensor can be applied in various applications, where contact with the object is avoided or objects in motion.


Types - FluoMini Oxygen/Temperature Sensor


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Type of Sensor FluoMini  Optical Temperature Sensor  with invasive probe FluoMini   Optical Temperature Sensor non-invasive with lens FluoMini  Optical Temperature Sensor with non-invasive  readout probe and self-adhesive coating OS Android/Windows

- 10 to + 125 °C

0.1 or 0.5 °C

0.1 °C

30 seconds

< 1 °C per year


1 point

> 1 year @ 25 °C

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