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FluoMini Oxygen/Temperature Sensor

The Sendot optical oxygen sensor, is based on the principle of fluorescence quenching. The sensitive coating has two components, one to measure temperature and one to measure oxygen. The temperature compensation of the oxygen measurement is thus uniquely and ideally embedded in the same coating.

Because the coating does not use oxygen for the measurement this technology can be used in closed, non stirred environments. The temperature compensation with an embedded component does not suffer from response time differences, making it possible to use the sensor in fast changing environments.

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Types - FluoMini Oxygen/Temperature Sensor

FluoMini App FluoMini  Optical Oxygen Sensor with invasive probe FluoMini  Optical Oxygen Sensor non-invasive with lens FluoMini  Optical Oxygen Sensor with non-invasive  readout probe and self-adhesive coating OS Android/Windows Android/Windows Android/Windows FluoMini Pro Windows Windows Windows OS Analoge - FluoMini Pro Hand Held - FluoMini Pro Ask an Offer

The FluoMini App is ideal oxygen sensor  for your  indoor laboratory or analysis room. The sensor has no learning curve and can be used with your Smartphone, laptop or PC right out of the box.

The FluoMini Pro can measure for up to 2 weeks or monitor continuously if attached to an computer system. The sensor requires no supervision or maintenance.

Download Download FluoMini  Optical Oxygen Sensor with invasive probe Analoge sensor Windows Table top - FluoMini App

Continuous monitoring of oxygen has never been this easy. The FluoMini Pro analoge sensor can easily be integraded to a computer system via an analoge 4 -20 mA output.

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