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Sendot’s optical/optochemical sensors are a productive tool in your laboratory. You can use probes or self-adhesive coating stickers to perform the measurements you want where and when you want them. Oxygen and Temperature are key parameters. Sendot sensors provide innovative solutions.


Extensive knowledge within Sendot and its partners on Agro-technology gives a firm basis to embed Sendot sensors in Agro applications. Chlorophyll fluorescence, Oxygen and Temperature for growth optimization and risk reduction are key to success.


Sendot’s optical/optochemical sensors are an ideal tool for your research in food technology. Temperature and or Oxygen measurements for packaging studies, Invasive or Non-Invasive, Sendot sensors provide a solutions to your measurement challenges.

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Seed Industry

Sendot’s optical/optochemical seed sensors are an ideal tool for determining the quality and oxygen consumption of your seeds. This is especially interesting for (long term) storage application or determing optimal harvesting times.

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